Datalogic Magellan 8300

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Spesifikasi Datalogic Magellan 8300

Barcode Scanner Datalogic Magellan 8300

The Datalogic Magellan 8300 with OmegaTek Productivity Technology Scanner and Scanner/Scale is a high performance 5-sided bi-optic scanner for medium volume checkout environments. It offers great performance, high quality and reliability, and outstanding value.

Datalogic Scanning developed the bar code scanner that read the first bar code in a retail store in 1974. Since that time Datalogic Scanning has been dedicated to making the highest quality scanners available for the high-volume checkout environment.

Both the Datalogic 8300 Scanner/Scale and Datalogic 8400 Scanner/Scale models inherit the Magellan brand's renowned reliability. Both are subjected to the same stringent quality and reliability testing and standards that have made Magellan number one in fixed point-of-sale scanners.

The Datalogic Magellan 8300 and Datalogic Magellan 8400 scanner/scale is specifically designed for high-volume checkout environments, such as: supermarkets, hypermarkets, mass merchandisers and wholesale clubs.

Datalogic Magellan 8300 Highlights

  • Enhanced All-Weighs Platter
  • Aggressive & ergonomic 5-sided scanning
  • Multiple interface solution supports all popular host interfaces
  • FirstStrike advanced decoding software
  • Flash memory for easy, low cost upgrades
  • Powered auxiliary RS232 port for easy integration of a handheld scanner
  • GS1 DataBar (RSS) decoding
  • Optional EAS functionality
  • Integrated Produce Lift Bar or Produce Rail
  • Value Added Features:
    • Host Download
    • Diagnostic Reporting

Datalogic Magellan 8300 Quality and reliability

New industrial design results in significant benefits

Very compact sealed scan engine provides better protection from dust, debris and liquids
Port connections covered with protective shield which prevents liquid spills traveling to connections
Serviceability- Simplified Sealed Components
- Approximately 30% fewer components
- Far fewer than competitive scanners
- Bonnet and all cosmetic components can be replaced without removing the scanner from the counter

Significant part count reduction- fewer failure points

Based on an innovative design the patented Magellan 8300/8400 uses a single motor design which improves reliability

While exceeding the performance of other scanners, this design also reduces failures due to its lower speed and reduced power consumption
Provides increased density and performance of the scan pattern
100% coverage at all times- meets cashier speeds of up to 100 inches per second!

Increased reliability
Increases throughput- lowers average item time

High quality materials
Glass: Sapphire and Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) window options

Sapphire Glass - guaranteed for the life of the scanner
DLC Glass - guaranteed for 6 years

Plastics: plastics used in the Magellan 8300/8400 can withstand the use of biocides used to clean scale platter surfaces that may have had biological contaminates leaked onto them

Biocides are more harmful to plastics than normal window or ammonia based cleaners. Magellan products are designed for grocery environments when biocides are used to clean the product.
Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Datalogic Magellan 8300 High Performance OmegaTek Productivity Technology

OmegaTek Productivity Technology is comprised of hardware and software innovations that significantly improved scanner performance by increasing the scanning speed and by improving the first pass read rates on hard-to-read bar codes
Industry leading scanning speed
Industry leading first pass read rates

Improved front-end productivity
Improved operational efficiency
Improved customer service

360 Five Sided Scanning
Increases the scanner's ability to read the bar code regardless of its orientation to the scanner
Optimized for both sweep and presentation scanning

Reduced orientation requirements improve productivity and ergonomics

Improved Scanning Performance
New scan pattern for maximum coverage
52-line scan pattern: 28 lines in the Horizontal Plane and 24 lines in the Vertical Plane
FirstStrike Decoding Firmware

Datalogic Magellan 8300 Value Features

New industrial design
Reduced height allows for flexibility in the placement of other POS components, without sacrificing performance
Integrated lift handles in rear and below platter

Same footprint as Magellan 8100 and 8200
Serviceability - bonnet and all cosmetic components can be replaced without removing the scanner from the counter

Reduced energy consumption
Typical lower energy consumption than other scanners
- Magellan 8400 - 7 watts
- NCR 7875SA - 16 watts
- NCR 7876 - 20 watts
- Metrologic Stratos - 13.5 watts
Magellan 8300/8400 can power directly from many POS terminals equipped with powered USB

Up to 77% lower energy costs than the competition
Reduces AC power outlets needed in the checkstand
Smaller environmental footprint

Multiple POS interfaces
Powered USB
USB keyboard
IBM RS485 (468X, 469X)
Single cable RS232
Dual cable RS232
Keyboard wedge (non-scale)

Easy migration path for any POS terminal hardware changes
To change scanner interfaces the user need only change the interface cable and scan a single bar code provided by Datalogic

Powered RS232 auxiliary port
Integrated EAS Features (optional)
Value Added Features (optional)

Datalogic Magellan 8300 All-Weighs Scale Platter

Reduces Produce Shrink at the Point of Sale
32% improvement in scale settling time
54% faster than some competitive scales
Integrated leveling feet for easy installation
Designed to work with adaptive scales from a multitude of suppliers

Faster transaction times - improves front-end productivity


Model 8301 Short scanner: 14.0" / 35.3cm
Model 8302 Medium scanner: 15.8" / 39.9cm
Model 8303 Long scanner: 20.0" / 50.8cm
Model 8304 Medium scanner/scale: 15.8" / 39.9cm
Model 8305 Long scanner/scale: 20.0" / 50.8cm

11.5" (29.2cm)

Depth (Below Counter)
4.0" (10.0cm)

Height (Above Counter)
5.1" (13.1cm)

Scale Capacities

30.0lb (15kg)

Minimum Increments
0.01lb / 0.005kg

Vibration Immunity
4 programmable filter settings

Maximum Static Weight
150lb (68kg)

Adjustments Required
Calibration only

Decoding Capability
The Magellan 8300 autodiscriminates between the following supported symbologies:
UPC Versions A & E
UPC Supplementals (Bookland & Coupon Code)
UPC Add-ons (sub 2, sub 5 & C128)
EAN 8, 13
JAN 8, 13
EAN/JAN two label
Code 39 (with full ASCII)
Code 128
Code 93
Interleaved 2 of 5
Italian Pharmacode
GS1 DataBar (RSS)


Scan Lines

Motor Speed
4,500 rpm

Scan Rate
3,900 lines/sec

Scan Zone

Sides Read

Read Height
6.0" (15.2cm)


Operating Temperature
50 to 104F (10 to 40C)

Storage Temperature
-40 to 158F (-40 to 70C)

5 to 95% NC


AC Power Requirements
100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz
7 watts (nominal)
8 watts (maximum)
4 watts (sleep mode)


All Magellan 8300 models support IBM 46XX, RS232, OEM USB, Dual RS232 scanner-scale, and keyboard wedge and USB for scanner only models.

Powered US232 auxiliary port
Scale host port
Remote scale display port
EAS port

Safety and Regulatory

IRAM (Argentina)
AS/NZS 60950 (Australia)
CSA-C22.2 No. 60950 (Canada)
EN60 950 (TUV Europe)
PSE Mark (Japan)
UL 60950 (USA)

FCC part 15, Class A (USA)
AS/NZS 3548 (Australia/ New Zealand)
EN 55022-B (Europe)
VCCI-B (Japan)

Laser Safety
Class IIa laser product (CAUTION: Laser light- do not stare into beam)
IEC 825 Class 1, EN60 825 Class (Europe)

Restriction of Hazardous Substances
Complies to EU RoHS

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