HHP 3800G

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Spesifikasi HHP 3800G

Barcode Scanner HHP 3800G

The 3800g retail scanner from HHP replaces the discontinued IT3800LR. It features the Adaptus Imaging Technology and the durability to hammer a nail and survive, as boasted by HHP.

Typical uses and environments:
The incredibly aggressive scan engine and rugged design allow the 3800g to succeed in light to medium industrial environments or even high-volume retail environments. The Adaptus imaging technology is fast enough to rival omnidirectional scanners in speed and efficiency.

Standard Features:
The HHP 3800g ships with the interface cable in the same box, but not attached. Once attached, the unit is plug and play. A green LED illuminates on the head of the unit when powered up and after successful scans. A flex neck auto-sense stand is available for purchase, and does not require configuration of the 3800g to set into auto-sense mode. Rubberized sides and boot prevent the scanner from accidentally scuffing or damaging products, and provides shock resistance during falls.

Unique Advantages:
What really makes the HHP 3800g stand out is the Adaptus Imaging Technology. The scan engine for the 3800g is incredibly aggressive, sending successful reads almost as quickly as an omnidirectional scanner. This allows the scanner to work in almost any retail setting.

The HHP 3800g barcode scanner delivers world-class performance for a broad range of applications. Featuring the ideal balance of performance, durability, ergonomics and connectivity options, the 3800g will deliver years of hassle-free service.


  • Can withstand multiple 5' drops to concrete
  • Utilizes Adaptus Imaging Technology
  • Fast scan engine, up to 270 scans per second
  • Can be used outdoors

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